Minimize workflows and maximize productivity in a HIPAA + 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data capture platform


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Up to 50% of a trial budget is dedicated to labor.

One study coordinator can spend over 180 hours on a single study, often on redundant tasks that are necessary to the trial’s success but time consuming to complete manually.

That’s why we built the biomedical research industry’s first automation platform to automatically handle protocol-specified data collection and safety monitoring.

We save critical resources for Sponsors and CROs by making data management processes more efficient, allowing you to distribute study staff in a way that maximizes outcomes.

Our Mission


Ensure GCP and ICH guidelines are being met at all times in a trial.


Decrease dropout rates by enhancing the patient user experience and decreasing staff burden.


Better critical safety data and real-time collection of important outcome variables.

Worry less, achieve more.

We automate your compliance and streamline data collection through naturalistic, quantitative, and objective electronic collection methods in a secure and robust platform.

Continuous real world data

Capture mobile patient questionnaires and critical biomarkers securely and accurately. Revolutionize your trials’ safety monitoring with data streams from wearable sensors like heartrate monitors, glucometers, rescue inhalers, and more – inside and outside the clinic.


Automatic EHR monitoring

Aces automatically scans subject records from over 15000 medical systems for unscheduled patient medications, visits, and hospitalizations that could negatively affect study outcomes.

Better communication

We built our platform to answer common subject questions without CRA intervention, meaning more accurate, faster HIPAA-compliant communications between study staff and patients.


Powerful analytics

Intuitive risk analysis of adverse events and biomarkers to visualize emerging dangerous trends in source data.