Techweek Chicago: Aces Health victorious in annual LAUNCH pitch competition

Jordan #Winning

Chicago, IL and Atlanta, GA — Aces Health is pleased to announce they won the startup LAUNCH competition at Techweek Chicago. Techweek is a leading tech conference sponsored by over 500 major brands, including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.  The annual LAUNCH competition featured over 100 startups from all over the country, of which only five were chosen as finalists.  While there were plenty of promising ventures in Chicago, Aces Health’s patient-centric healthcare offering took home first place.

Aces’ BYOD (bring your own device) app platform was designed by industry professionals to increase patient adherence and compliance across the healthcare spectrum, from clinical trials to post-operative discharge, ultimately saving time and money across the continuum of care. Headquartered in Atlanta, Aces Health develops software products for clinical research trials and medical regimen adherence for chronic illnesses, using an innovative smartphone app and an ecosystem of wearable health devices to transform the patient experience outside the clinic and improve patient adherence to clinical protocols.

“Over $60 billion is spent on human drug and device trials annually. Unfortunately, nearly one-third of funded trials are not completed due to shortcomings of the current clinical research process, the primary issue being poor patient adherence and compliance with study protocols,” commented Aces Health CEO Jordan Spivack. “With only 25% of participants making it from a trial’s screening phase to successful completion, it’s clear there remains much to do in this space. Aces Health’s platform simplifies patient engagement for partner CRO’s in clinical trials while allowing researchers to leverage mobile technology, increasing real-time data capture and decreasing patient attrition.”

Beyond key issues in clinical research, Aces Health has been lauded by providers and payers in the industry for its technology’s potential to improve patient outcomes more generally. According to statistics compiled by the CDC in 2014, as many as 40% of annual deaths for each of the five leading causes in the US are due to “modifiable risk factors,” i.e., risks which could be mitigated by the improved compliance and adherence to a treatment regimen enabled by Aces’ platform.

“Based on this early acknowledgement of our startup’s promise, I’m confident that Aces Health can ultimately provide the healthcare industry with the technology for timely monitoring of these risk factors,” said Jordan Spivack. “By compiling and analyzing data in real time, physicians and care providers are able to make meaningful interventions to save lives. Aces Health is here to make a difference in the fight for better health.”


Judges for the pitch competition included Rumi Morales, Executive Director with CME Ventures, Cayla Chambers, partner and InvestHER Ventures, and Al Barry, a partner at K&L Gates (Will hyperlink social media for these people here) The judges awarded Aces Health first place which included a trip to Miami to compete for $50,000 in the national Launch competition in December. Aces also won $30,000 in executive search and legal services for taking first.