Aces Health & Partner to Automate Clinical Trial Process

Jordan Partnerships, Press

Automation of clinical trial processes saves sponsors hundreds of hours and millions of dollars


Atlanta, GA: Aces Health and, two innovative companies from the Southeast United States focused on modernizing different segments of the clinical research industry, have joined forces through a partnership that integrates their cutting-edge software platforms. Their combined solution allows for nearly 75% of clinical trial activities to be automated and remotely monitored in real-time. Now health innovation can happen faster, safer, and more cost effectively. The two companies’ will begin with a focus on the oncology segment, the most active therapeutic area in the clinical trials industry.


Aces Health began automating subject engagement tasks by leveraging artificial intelligence and natural language processing through responsive mobile applications. After integrating with the “Internet of Things” and over 5,500 US health systems EMRs automated data capture, reporting, and remote monitoring was enabled. The combined value of this technology is higher compliance, lower attrition with less risk and deeper insights. CROs and trial sites have been able to greatly reduce labor costs and trial duration through the Aces platform, while the unique approach has made available previously unattainable data sets, such as environmental factors and subject-site communication databases. enhances the logistical efficiency of clinical trials with an automated approach that frees research staff from the expensive cross-chatter traditionally required to keep research sites fully provisioned with ancillary supplies. uses patient visit data captured from a trial’s electronic data capture (EDC) software to power intelligent, just in time delivery of clinical supply kits.’s predictive forecasting algorithms actively monitor supply kit consumption, patient timelines, and kit expiration scenarios, directing automated resupply ensuring study sites get exactly what they need on time, on schedule, and on budget.’s ecosystem of services completely manage the complexities of clinical trial ancillary supply logistics.


Customers have already praised Aces Health and individually and are excited to experience the combined value of the two fully integrated platforms:

“The Aces platform cuts inefficiencies, enhances patient engagement, data collection, adverse event monitoring, and decreases study staff burden.” – John Slattery, Clinical Research Program Manager, Arkansas Children’s Hospital

“Slope has been instrumental in making the supply process feel personalized and expedited, which study sites truly appreciate.” – Karen Arrington, Director of Clinical Operations, Cancer Insight


Aces Health: Aces Health is a privately held company with its headquarters in Atlanta, United States. The company’s flagship app platform connects with more than 200 smart devices and wearable sensors and over 5,500 Electronic Health Records. This platform saves significant time and money in the clinical research phase of drug development in order to reduce net costs in the continuum of care. is a privately held, venture-backed company focused on eliminating logistical inefficiency for clinical trial Sponsors, Contract Research Organizations, and study sites. Their fully managed solution provides a flexible, adaptive, best-in-class solution for trial logistics regardless of therapeutic area.’s platform has automatically dispatched thousands of custom tailored clinical supply kits to premier study sites across the United States.