Javascript Developer

Aces is seeking a talented and passionate JS developer to jump in on our platform already under construction and lead engineering efforts. The ideal candidate loves putting together the pieces of a software puzzle, seeing challenges as opportunities and solving problems that have never been solved before– you see yourself as Michelangelo chipping away at the marble codebase and setting the angel free.

Most importantly, candidates should have a strong grasp on the intricacies involved in architecting a lean and highly scalable Javascript application (in terms of both user scale and product scope) that handles data securely.

Other desired qualities and responsibilities include:

  • ability to lead engineering problems proactively and effectively communicate these problems – as well as possible solutions – to the team
  • familiarity with NodeJS, AngularJS, and/or Apache Cordova/ionic strongly preferred
  • experience working with high traffic or complex data applications, preferably in a healthcare field but not required
  • using a Javascript testing suite to unit test and maintaining QA
  • developing and maintaining the Aces API that collects all application data both internally and for third-party providers
  • experience with MySQL or a similar relational database language preferred
  • experience with HTML/CSS preferred
  • someone who takes the utmost pride in their work and wants to see the things they build make a difference

Aces Health offers competitive stock and equity options in addition to salary, and we’re looking for the next team member to join and help us make our vision for cheaper and smarter healthcare a reality.