The Empowered Patient and Mobile Health Applications

Jordan Innovation, Press

Where the Rubber Meets the Road for the next Frontier in Wellness Management and Healthcare Solutions: Today more than ever people are taking control over their own health and wellness by collecting, recording,  and analyzing their health data. Whether this is by checking the number of steps you’ve taken today via your Fitbit or through an App on your phone …

Clinical trial doctor in hospital using Aces Health

The Real Cost of Nonadherence

Jordan Innovation

Clinical trials are the cutting edge of today’s biomedical innovation, powering new scientific achievements and advances in what we know about human illness. But to many patients, clinical trials also represent something much more personal: the best hope for a normal, healthier life. This is why pharmaceutical and biotech sponsors devote $60+ billion to clinical trials annually. When there’s so much at stake in healthcare research, continually getting it right is the most critical part …